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Learing your Human Rights is important. Come learn and have fun while doing it.

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Help sponsor the largest annual Human Rights event that in the nation.

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Meet the Team

Find out about the amazing persons that started and continue the walk.

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Why a Human Rights Walk and Festival?

In these times all people must come together to educate ourselves and our youth in basic human rights. These rights were set forth by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The purpose of the Human Rights Walk is to unite all people in these rights and to make them a reality. Through education we can end war, discrimination and intolerance.

Be a part of a World-wide Human Rights Event and put your best foot forward to support Human Rights. Join us with all your friends and your family at this fun filled event of entertainment, educational speakers and to walk with like-minded individuals supporting human rights around the world. Your participation will help make a difference in our community and across the world!

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THANK YOU! To all of these wonderful supporters of Human Rights and this event!