The Walk will go on Rain or Shine!

Shine Location: Town Green Park  -  OR  -  Rain Location: Church Project on Sawdust

About The Founder - Demme Durrett

I am a 2015 graduate of The John Cooper School and currently a student at Columbia University-Barnard College in New York City. In 2011, as my project for the Gold Award in the Girl Scouts organization, the highest achievement you can earn, I set my attention on creating and holding a very fun and meaningful event in our community, to help raise awareness about Human Rights education in an effort to bring more peace and tolerance in the world and help reduce human rights violations.


I am very proud to say that each year since 2011, our Human Rights Walk and Festival has been the largest Human Rights Day celebration in the United States, all due to the tremendous support from our wonderful community. And thus, it has become an annual event.


Human Rights are important for everyone to be completely familiar with. In the US we may think that violations of human right are not much of an issue, but nothing could be further from the truth. Things like Human Trafficking, which is modern day slavery, cyber-bullying, discrimination, and religious intolerance, just to name a few, can be seen in our own community on a daily basis.


My goal with this fun and exciting event is to continue to help raise awareness so that we can apply ALL of the 30 Basic Human Rights as set out by the United Nations, under the direction of Eleanor Roosevelt, over sixty years ago.  At the event, we also sign a petition to encourage all governments to give the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the force of law in countries where they do not exist.


I am very honored and proud to have our Student Director, Pablo Flower on our team!  He is an amazingly mature and compassionate teen continues to help build on our work and be a new leader for our event held in The Woodlands.


Thank you for your help in assisting us with the continued success of this project, as well as making a positive impact in the world we all share!





- Demme Durrett

About the Student Director  - Pablo Flower

11th grade student

The John Cooper School

The Woodlands, Texas


Pablo Flower is an 11th grade student at The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, Texas. He has been a member of the student council in the last two years as well as a counselor in training at Cooper. Pablo enjoys tap dancing and aerial arts and holds a black belt in taekwondo. He also likes to sing and has performed with the Texas Private School Music Educators Association choir during the last four years.


In 2011 Pablo led a “Pennies for Peace” campaign to build a school in Pakistan, and in 2013 he raised funds to build a school in India with Free The Children. He currently serves with the Montgomery Food Bank. Pablo is excited about the opportunity to invite The Woodlands community to become advocates for tolerance and peace by creating awareness about human rights.





2099 Lake Robbins Dr.

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RAIN LOCATION: Church Project

295 Sawdust Rd,

The Woodlands, TX 77380

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